Job and Function

Job and Functions Bureau of the Accreditation Efficiency and Education:

  1. Provide information about the validity period of BAN PT accreditation and International Accreditation;
  2. Provide BAN PT Policy information through Bureau and outreach Websites;
  3. Conduct data analysis to provide input to Management related to achieving accreditation;
  4. Provide support and provide assistance in preparing accreditation forms for BAN PT and International Accreditation; Verifying requirements and complete data to be uploaded on the BAN PT website and the International Accreditation Site;
  5. Document digital accreditation forms and forms;
  6. Coordinate with Bureaus, Centers and Directorates for preparatory events and visits;
  7. Provide progress and accreditation results in related Study and Leadership Programs;
  8. Validating accreditation certificates to meet the needs of students and alumni;